Sucks For Peppa

Peppa is one of those annoying cats that’s too clever for her own good.

She was, for example, the cat that could work out how to get back in through a cat flap which was set to only allow one way traffic. Something which Pumpkin couldn’t work out even when the cat flap was set to allow traffic in both directions.

She’s also completely aware of all the sounds associated with her flea treatment – something she seemingly hates, and hates us for as well. She knows the should of the foil on the doses as well as the sound of the seal being broken. She’s also perfectly aware of what it means if she is approached by one of us with a closed fist that is hiding the tube of treatment.

She’s a crafty so-and-so.

One of the things she’s very aware of is the hoover. She’ll run away if she even sees you as much as wheeling the thing around. But, it appears, she’s even familiar with just the plug. She knows that the plug means that the hoover will start. And if the hoover starts then she’s off.

Today, though, I thought we’d made a breakthrough.

I plugged in the vac, in full view of young Peppa and she just watched. Normally she’s away, off in another part of the house, lurking somewhere she can’t be bothered by the noisy machine. I hoovered upstairs, and she remained in place. I went into the bedroom with it, where she was sitting on the bed, and she just remained in place. She stared at the window, as if she was employing the technique favoured by, say, haters of needles – if I don’t look at it, it’s not there.

And then I accidentally bumped the bed with it as I was negotiating a corner.

All semblance of cool and calm Peppa went out of the window. As would she if she had had the chance. She was off like a rocket. With the kind of speed that says, “I knew I should have left straight away, but no I had to stay and try and be brave didn’t I?” You know the sort of speed I mean, sort of double time.

Little furry legs a blur.

Stairs taken in one fluid movement.

Cat flap swinging like a saloon door after she’s flown through it.

Probably not a good time to give her the flea treatment as well…