How Likely…

It’s weird having a hole where teeth used to be. Aside from the fact that my jaw still aches periodically like someone has punched me, it’s just strange that I can flick my tongue to the left where, for the last few months, I’ve been feeling the rough, sharp edges of a fractured tooth and now there’s nothing. Just air. And then my cheeks.

And in contrast to the broken tooth feeling small, which is what made me think I was only missing a filling and not a large portion of dental matter, this whole feels massive. Like super bloody massive. Huge.

What I find I’m doing, and I’m sure this will stop eventually, is eating with my head leaning towards the right, as though I’m daring my tongue to go against my one-sided chewing desires and throw some food towards what I imagine will still be quite a tender surface but if that happens gravity will win out and it will fall back to my right side again.

I mean, I really hope that stops soon and doesn’t just become a new habit. Because I don’t want to eat every meal, for ever more, like a quizzical dog.

I got a text from the dentist today asking me how likely I was to recommend the practice.

I haven’t answered it. I’m fairly sure I never will because, in my experience, you give a low score on these things and someone who cares will ring up and ask you, at length, why you have rated it so. It happened with the gas board. They weren’t happy I rated them so low after the gas works left us with different colour flags in the patio and several hours where they forgot to reconnect us all.

I should have pursued that further, mind, as nice next door got a whole new patio out of it because the flags she’d had put down really messed with her insane-level OCD.

I can’t recommend the dentist though, not really. I mean, sure it was great when I got there. But it took three attempts. And I went for a treatment different to what they actually did because they more-or-less lied to me. But yeah, I’ll give you 5 out of 5 and recommend you to everyone I know.

I don’t think so.

Likewise, I score you lowly because then I’ll have to explain all that and you’ll say something about business needs and other stuff that makes me believe you see all of the patients as little more than wallets with teeth.

Which is a really weird thing to start thing about.