Let There Be Muttering, Then Lights

For the longest time – well, a good few years at least – I have had some issues with the lighting in our kitchen. It’s okay, but if you stand anywhere in the kitchen and there’s not a lot of light coming through the kitchen window you can quite effectively block out most of the light from the electric bulbs in the ceiling.

For just less than the longest time I’ve been looking at different ways of providing light to the worktops so that you can see what you’re doing no matter what the light levels of the rest of the room.

And more recently I’ve quite fancied being able to see in the freezer as well without having to either open the fridge and use that light or go in with either mobile or head torch. Our fridge-freezer is tucked away in an under stair space-cum-cupboard which is conveniently shielded from most light by the doors of said cupboard.

Finally the solution is in place.

Basically, during our Christmas tree purchasing of the other day, we picked up some boxes of white fairy lights which I have spent a bloody good portion of the afternoon installing under cupboards and around the door frame of the fridge-freezer home so that we can bathe everything in a lovely white glow. Or, if we press the button a few times, have a massive epileptic fit because they’re flashing so much.

I thought it would be an easy job. Chuck up a few sticky hooks, attach the lights and away we go.

I’ve done so much weird body contortion during this afternoon’s tinkering.

I needed to clean the underside of the upper cupboards in the kitchen, for starters. Turns out the only way I could really see what I was cleaning was to stand with my back to the cupboards and sort of limbo under them, resting my back on the worktop.

This is not comfortable.

In the slightest.

It’s also during this whole process that you realise the  back of under-cupboard in the far corner is an absolute sod to reach without lying on the worktop itself. When I was sticking the hooks into place – again, you don’t really get how annoying holding something in place for 30 seconds, then a further 30 seconds with the hook on it can be until you’re doing it 20 times in different awkward positions.

But I managed it. And it’s lovely.

The counter is lit up beautifully. I almost want to cook in there, in the dark, solely illuminated by the counter lights.

But then you can’t see in the cupboards. And I don’t have the willpower to light all them as well!

I thought the fridge cupboard would be easier because it’s a doorway, after all.

Turns out, not so much. I had to climb up a ladder backwards so that I was facing the wall I wanted to put the hooks onto.

Still, it’s worth it.

Because you can now go to the fridge and turn on the lights and to anyone looking it looks like you’re being abducted by aliens, such is the brightness of the light.

You can see in the freezer as well, I guess.

But the 90s X-Files vibe of the light through the louvre doors is a winning side-effect!