Star Light, Star Bright

Considering she hated it when we bought it, Carole can’t seem to stop decorating our huge tree. 

I haven’t even had a look-in, aside from being asked if I could make it less wobbly and to tweak the branches a bit. I’ve just spent the day at work getting occassional update pictures from Carole as to the progress of the tree.

The back of the box says “for a tree this size we recommend 400 lights…” We have 360 lights on it and it’s a bit bright. People across the road are having to pull their curtains, such is the glare from the tiny bulbs.

I dread to think what would happen if the lights were sent to any sort of oscilating pattern. We could probably take out an epileptic a couple of counties over.

In fact, I bet if we go upstairs while the tree lights are on, there’s a glowing patch on the bedroom carpet as the intense beam of light penetrates the living room ceiling. It’d be like being in a real life episode of “Jamie and the Magic Torch”.

We’re probably visible from space.

I can’t stress how bright these lights are.

I can still see them when I close my eyes.