We Tree Kings

It’s been one day with the tree and my entire body clock is out of whack. It’s like having jet lag from sitting in a room lit up like daylight when it’s clearly late at night or stupidly early in the morning.

Although having said that, I came home from work today and noticed that a neighbour a couple of doors down – the house where Trixie used to live – has got bright dangling lights outside. You could see them from quite far down the road.

I’m not standing for that.

Carole and I arrived home at more-or-less the same time tonight – independently of each other – and the first thing we did was comment on the brightness of the other lights and then dash inside to put ours on. We’re not being out-brighted. Let out lights shine out across the world.

I put a small tree up at work today as well, so the Christmas spirit is currently within me. But with December being a conflicted month, how long that will be the case remains to be seen. But it was fun, trying to decorate a small 3ft tree to suit an escape room setting.

Which is why it’s covered in padlocks and keys, along side a few baubles to make it look more normal. And because there’s only so many handcuff keys you can hang from a tree before it starts to look strange.

I’ve got a bigger one to put up as well, but I keep forgetting to take the lights in with me. And light should always go on a tree first, in my opinion. And then everything else is position with the lights in mind. So I couldn’t possible decorate it without the lights.

It’s also a much bigger job and it took me long enough to do the smaller one, although the big one will have far fewer keys on it!