Light Fantastic

If there’s one thing this house doesn’t need, it’s more fairy lights.

To be clear, there are already lights on the bookcases in the front room, under the cupboards in the kitchen, around the door of the fridge cupboard in the kitchen and on the headboards of both the main and spare beds.

That’s before you factor in the set on the hearth for Christmas, or the two sets of lights in the tree.

There are a lot of fairy lights.

We don’t need more.

We’ve put more up today.

Now we have external lights as well. Not where we wanted to have them, though because 4m of bulbless wire does not equate to 4m of distance, so we couldn’t do what we wanted to do. But we persevered. And lo the lights are out there, hanging on the fence for all to see. If they haven’t been blinded by the intensity of the tree as they go past.

I think we’ve gone a bit overboard with lights, possibly. Most of them, though, are in place year round – despite the small print on most of the lights claiming they’re not suitable for permanent installation or prolonged use.

I think, next year, to top this we’re going to have to get one of those inflatable snowmen and/or Santas that have to be constantly blown up by a noisy fan. Or a family of light up deer. Or something equally tacky. We seem to be embracing that side of things with great gusto at the moment.

We’ll draw the line at those projector lights, though.

We do have some standards!