Shopped Like No-One Was Watching

We survived a trip to the supermarket for Christmas stuff!

That almost never happens, because supermarkets are evil places and I get more and more annoyed the longer I spend in them. It’s a combination of dithery people, trolleys all over the place, a desire to be anywhere else and idiots that tips me over the edge. I am not a pleasant supermarket companion. I hate it. My brain hates it. It generally doesn’t end well.

Today, though, was top notch.

In and out, no titting about. We got everything we needed with minimal fuss, no squabbling and we’re all done. Christmas is in cupboards downstairs. We’re sorted.

It’s such a relief because even this afternoon I was feeling lost at sea when it came to festive nonsense. Normally I’m organised. I have Christmas week – from Christmas Eve eve to just before New Year mapped out so we know who is where, when and how, not to mention foodstuffs and the like.

This year, not so much. No idea why but it cannot happen again. I dislike it greatly. But then, maybe that lack of finese and planning is what took the pressure off the supermarket.

A double edged sword, I think.

And another reason why I treat December with caution.