Mad Friday

The last proper Friday in December is a funny one. Mad Friday, as they call it, comes with everything you’d expect from a normal Friday but also hats and jumpers that scream fun!

I’ve been at work for most of the day today – I went in ridiculously early to avoid the bulk of people heading into town to panic buy stuff. It was a bus ride full of pensioners who mysteriously don’t know what time it is when they get on the bus and try to blag a free ride and people still finalising their shopping lists.

As I walked to work past Cash Converters, people were leaving with bags of stuff in the hands and I couldn’t help but think how crappy it must be to have a Christmas where all your presents come from what is essentially a pawn shop. “Here, have a scooter someone else’s bum sweat has permeated…” or “Enjoy this saxophone pre-loaded with other people’s spit.”

Because there’s always a saxophone.

And then I’ve watched town develop into more and more of a slow moving mess. With more and more people just darting across the roads regardless of traffic signs.

In fact, I made a pact this morning that once I entered the building for work that is where I would stay for the rest of the day so that I could keep at least a little bit of sanity.

And I think I made the right call.

Because Mad Friday combines beautifully with POETS day – Piss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday – to create what can best be described as a lot of drunken screaming and shouting before the sun has set.

And the sun sets at about 4pm.

It was amazing to listen to. Really made you look forward to finishing work and heading out into town to catch the bus. Because honestly, there’s nothing better than a Christmas Jumper with beer sloshed down it, maybe a bit of sick in Santa’s beard.

And on the bus home a woman was sitting at the front of the bus, turning round and saying to everyone how cheery the bus was, and how amazing the Christmas spirit was.

It wasn’t cheery. Most of us had waited an hour for the bus as the one before missed. Several people were pissed. One of them standing in the aisle, swaying, and having an indecipherable conversation with someone else about going to church every day while someone at the back of the bus complained that someone they knew kept ringing them – which they did, constantly – without every thinking that they could turn their phone down, volume-wise, from insanely loud to not a nobhead levels.

Yeah, proper cheery on the bus. Let’s all meet up and do that again some time soon!

Ah Christmas, you lovely bastard.