This cold can do one now. Not that I’m going on about it, but I’ve had it for a day-or-so now and I’ve had enough. It’s just a massive inconvenience to everything. Primarily, though, staying awake.

I can’t assume a horizontal position, at all, without nodding off and waking up several hours later. Although sleep does seem to be having quite a positive effect on my general well-being – unless that’s just because I am reducing the amount of time I am awake to feel shitty. Hmm, it’s hard to say…

Last night, I subconsciously absorbed a couple of episodes of Gavin & Stacey, unwittingly. I was awake for some of it, mind, and really wished I was asleep as I struggled to find the funny in it. It’s one of those shows, I think, like The Office – or Westworld –¬† that everyone says they like but no-one is really sure why. But other people like it. So it must be right to like it.

It was terrible.

And sleep could not come quick enough while that was on. And for a while it refused to. Presumably because my brain was trying to unravel why the show is so popular and not being able to. It’s crap trying to sleep when your brain is working on problems like that!

This afternoon I slept through countless episodes of the UFO Files. So I’ll probably be having nightmares for half the night thinking I’m about to be abducted, or something, as my subconscious mind makes sense of what it’s taken in during the day. It’ll hopefully have more success with the alien stuff that with Gavin and Stacey, at least.

Although I have found out that watching these nonsense UFO shows with my mum and Carole is not the best thing to do as they don’t seem to take any of it seriously. At all. I’m glad Finding Bigfoot wasn’t on. I couldn’t have them ridiculing that as well! I mean I didn’t take the piss once while they were watching The Scarlett Pimpernell the other day.

Not once.

Okay, maybe just the once.