Jan 2, 2019: Space

We took down our Christmas decorations yesterday, and Facebook reminded me that we do that every year by providing me with a look back at ever stump of every real tree that I’ve spent New Year chopping up in the front room.

Carole went back to work today.

Which means I’ve got to enjoy the best feeling known to man.

Okay, the two best feelings. The first, of course, being staying in bed when someone else has to leave.

The second being the feeling of space in your house in that brief period between the removal of Christmas and the return of normality. Where everything seems much larger and airier. Where there is more room. More space. So much space. How have you never noticed that space before. Because there is so much of it. I think it took longer to walk across the living room today because of all the space. So much of it.

It won’t last.

Real-life will come crashing down like that tidal wave onto Tea Leoni in the film about the meteor that isn’t Armageddon. I mean, it’s started already. We’re back to having two clothes horses up around the house because I’ve done several loads of washing today. So the space is slowly going. Shoes are beginning to fill the spot left by the tree. It’s changing before my eyes.

I should have taken a picture of the front room this morning. I could have applied a black and white or sepia filter and been looking at it like one of those how somewhere used to look in the olden day pictures that you occasionally come across of town centres. You know the ones, you’re normally fixated about a building that is now McDonalds because there was a horse outside it in the olden times and it wasn’t a McDonalds.

The front room is like that. Now there’s a horse inside. Covered in clothes.

Damn you, real life. The festive magic can hold you back no longer.