Jan 3, 2019: Rooms

One of the things on my list for 2019 is to design and build an escape room. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since the first time I set foot in a room to play it and working at an escape room establishment offers me the opportunity to stretch my creative muscles a little bit. So I’m in a lucky position that I able to do this without having to branch out into insanely scary territory and start my own escape room business somewhere.

Not that there’s anywhere for it go, just yet. And the current design – which is adaptable, I suppose – would require three doors (not including any within the room design itself).

But other than that…

I started sketching stuff out the other day, and just generally spamming ideas onto paper to see what they’d look like and how far I could run in a direction before it got overly complicated or looked like it would cost what could best be described as a small fortune.

I already want to play my room.

Which is weird, because I know how the puzzles – or at least the first few I have come up with – work. But I really want to play it. Or see it in place, at least, because I think I’ve combined things in a fun way that probably won’t ever work, or will be too difficult. Or a construction nightmare. Definitely a construction nightmare.

I mean, one puzzle involves electromagnetic locks, switches, a window and a mirror so far. But then another one just involves some overalls and a key. So I am literally visiting both ends of the spectrum. And that last one only works if I can have the three doors I so desire.

But as there’s nowhere for it to go, who knows what the set up will be. I might have to redesign everything. I might only be given a cupboard to play in.

Although I think I could work with that.


I need to sit down and put more flesh on the bones of my plan, though. Although part of that is trying to understand the engineering needed to rotate the top of a desk to reveal things underneath it – well, on top of it once it’s turned.

I have zero building skills that I am aware of. I have even less than zero electrical skills. I’ve already designed, and idea-ed, myself so far out of my comfort zone and I’ve barely even started.

This could be quite an interesting year.