Jan 4, 2019: Humbug

For years I worked in an office where the people who put up the Christmas Tree were conspicuous by their absence when it came to talking it down.

Last year, at work, we didn’t bother with festive foliage. This year, though, all the boats were pushed out. Two trees adorned our office – one tastefully decorared with tinsel and baubles, the other bedecked with handcuff keys ad padlocks,

Fun fact, all the padlocks had been set to 2512 because Christmas.

When I put them up, I didn’t stop to think who’d have to take them down. After all for most if my working life, those Christmas angels weren’t there to denude a tree.

Turns out when there’s only three of you, there’s a strong possibility it’s you who’ll have to take down the tree as well. Or trees, if you’re super festive like us.

It turns out I vastly over-estimated the time it would take. Again, any prior experience I have had in this area comes from observation and, in hindsight, it might have taken longer solely to avoid doing real work.

I went into work a couple of hours early because I have never seen anyone rush a tree uninstall. And yet I had it done in no time. Denuded, debranched, decanted into a box. Bosh!

I was very early for my evening games.

So I accidentally rearranged the entire storage space for all our spares, fixings and other assorted bumpf. For an hour. I’m still not done. Excess tree time was not enough storage sorting time. I was barely even two-thirds of the way through “what even is this?” before I had to stop. And I’d barely scratched the surface of “why haven’t we done this before?”

I’m toying with going in early tomorrow….