Jan 10, 2019: Hair

Human invention has given us so much. So very much. We’ve basically invented our way out of the primordial soup and all the way to where we are now.

Which, when you stop to think about it, isn’t all that great and we could have done much better.

For instance, when drones were invented, I bet they had a conversation about people flying them by airports and someone said that there is no way that any person or persons could be so bloody stupid as to do that.

And then… well, people find a way.

We’ve invented trips to space, and we’ve invented conspiracies to explain why we haven’t had trips to space. We’ve invented equipment that has detected repeating radio signals from 1.5 billion light years away. We’ve invented a way to put lids on jars really tightly and a way, several years later, to get those jars off with minimal effort. The motor car, the aeroplane. Heart transplants. Sex changes.  We’ve cured diseases that wiped out thousands, and we’re working to cure even more diseases. Life expectancy has increased to levels that the Victorians wouldn’t even have had time to dream of before coughing and dying of something with “pox” in the title.

We’ve sent a probe to Mars where the first thing it did was play a Will.i.am song. Okay, so not every idea, invention or concept is a zinger. But most of them are.

The human race has achieved so much.

And yet we still get hair clogging up the bathroom plug holes.

We’ve sent the Voyager space probes out into the vastness of the universe. Leaving our solar system heading to who knows where. There’s a gold disc on it with some music, and drawings of what we look like. And, in small print, at the bottom “If any intelligent life finds this and knows how to not get clogged drains…”