Jan 11, 2019: Board

We are, I think, in a position to re-launch our board game nights for some healthy competition between the two of us during the year.

Considering how much we used to love just ditching an entire evening of anything else for rolling dice and moving wooden people around a board, we have really let things slip in recent years and play so little that it’s actually quite upsetting because there are games that I want to get and to play – Disney’s Villainous, for example – but it doesn’t seem worth it because we never sit down to play anything.

We bought Season 1 of Pandemic Legacy after visiting Edinburgh last year in the hopes that a twelve month (game) campaign would lure us back into playing but, alas, this has not happened yet.

But I think we’re about to do it.


Which means I will be inundated with shifts at work and we’ll have to move it on a week.

I want to play it, more than anything, based on a 1-star review on Amazon in which a person states that they bought the game but don’t want to play it because they can’t be bothered to wade through the massive instruction book. Which is right up there as my favourite review of anything ever. Along with every 1-star review on the book of the Crimes Of Grindlewald, each one written by someone who didn’t realise it was a screenplay. Despite is saying screenplay on the front.

Ah, I love the internet.

Anyway, I have looked at the instructions for Pandemic Legacy, based on that 1-star review. I thought I was going to be sitting down to a lengthy read. But no. It’s large in size, but not in content. It’s quite easy to read, it makes sense and it flows nicely. I’m not sure what huge book the reviewer was referring to but it ain’t this one. Pandemic, once you play it, is an easy game to play, but one that is hard to master and/or win.

Pandemic Legacy takes that and adds stickers to it.

So that the game evolves based on things that happen as you play.

If you’re going to struggle with the rule book in its base form, you’re really going to struggle once you stick things into it that change what went before.

So hopefully we’ll be playing that. Start of our table top competitive year with some nice, friendly co-op. Before we get into juicier things requiring multi-sided dice and devious game mechanics.

I’ve missed you, table top things. I’ve really missed you.