Jan 21, 2019: Power

There’s nothing I enjoy more than texting my mother with something technical. It’s a veritable minefield of confusion, doubt, anger and flappability that will have her running for the hills. Or, as with today, phoning me before I am good and ready to be vertically tackling the day’s challenges.

We’d got an email at 1.06 on Sunday morning saying that there was a problem with mum’s solar panels. That was it. For more details I had to log in, but I’m not sure I even have the details for the accounts – it’s one that has never really interested me. I don’t, unlike my father, want to sit and watch graphs of electricity production. I am a nerd, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

I mean, one of the things that struck me is that 1.06 in the morning, I wouldn’t really expect the solar panels to be generating any energy anyway, what with it being the middle of the night and all. But hey, we don’t normally get an email every night saying that the panels are under-performing.

So after I worry my mother, and she rings me this morning wanting to know all the ins-and-outs of the email it turns out that it’s purely and simply because it snowed and the snow sat on them.

It’s snowed before, mind, and we’ve never been told about under-performance issues. So this is clearly a new (and potentially mildly annoying) thing which is going to crop up a lot given that my mum lives atop a hill in Halifax that, without fail, will get snow every time snow is mentioned on the weather.

Of course, the other big thing is that the emails are still going to my dad’s account, when they should be going to mum’s. She mentioned that today and they were going to see if they could get it switched over, because it “should have been done” some time ago.

Almost miraculously, that’s happened today.

Two instances of under-performance resolved with one phone call.