Jan 25, 2019: Time

8.00am Wake up, after earlier waking up when Carole was getting ready for work. Remain in bed, because it’s warm and snuggly,  exploring various YouTube rabbit holes. My latest vice being Tumblr comments and unsolved crimes, it would appear. The two are not related.

9.30am Receive text message from Carole informing me that neighbour will be coming round to collect parcel.

9.31am Get up in preparation for inevitable knock from neighbour and hand-over of parcel.

9.40am Boil some eggs to have for lunch.

9.50am Remove now boiled eggs from pan and put into cold water in a jug. Can’t help notice that I still have the package.

10.00am Having emptied washing machine of load set going by Carole this morning, set second load going. Hang up first load. Still have package.

10.05am Make a coffee, take a vitamin. Potter into front room and look up a recipe for a soup for next week.

10.10am Amend online shopping order to include ingredients for soup.

10.15am Turn on Xbox because why not?

11.30am Having hung about downstairs for nearly two hours on off chance neighbour comes for parcel, decide that I may as well risk a trip to the loo for a morning constitutional because she’s clearly not coming any time soon.

11.32am Light knocking at the back door which I can hear through the open window. Oh, of course she bloody comes now.

11.34am Flush loo. Wash hands. Come downstairs expecting she will have returned to her home having heard the flush of the toilet. And, quite possibly, my sigh of annoyance when she knocked because timing.

Nope, she’s still there looming in the glass of the door like a dressing-gown-wearing ghost.

How does EVERYONE manage to do this to me?