Jan 26, 2019: Old

I don’t know if you’ve ever found yourself in a position where you make a reference and your work colleagues are way too young to even understand it, but for me that’s every day.

In my past life, in the drudgery of banking, I once had to explain to my young colleague who Ben Affleck was. When you find yourself in a situation where you have to name a series of Ben Affleck movies, you discover that it is a lot harder than you think and you end up just screaming “Armageddon!” at them repeatedly. And then you say he’s the one who ends up with Liv Tyler and then you have to explain who she is…

So today, in my current life of escapology, it was Rentaghost. Born purely from a massive sneeze and me looking at the video cameras and being able to spot my diminutive colleague, I said she was like Miss Popov in Rentaghost.

Normally, I’m trying to explain to her that I saw Friends the first time round. Like when it was just shown the once. Or if you were lucky there were repeats on a school holiday morning, just before Ed.

Miss Popov got me the blankest of blank looks.

“Audrey in Coronation Street?”

Even blanker.

So then I proceeded to explain Rentaghost.

So now she thinks I’m all sorts of crazy because… well, I explained Rentaghost to her for crying out loud.

You should never explain Rentaghost to anyone.

When you say it out loud it just sounds like nonsense. I mean, it is nonsense. But it really sounds ridiculous when you’re trying to explain a premise about a group of ghosts who are rented out for hauntings and there’s a pantomime horse in there, along with a Scottish witch and Audrey off of Coronation Street doing the sneezing.

I wish I’d just said “oh, that was a loud sneeze” instead of being made to feel ridiculously old by a girl who, no word of a lie, was ID’d recently for buying a DVD with a 12 certificate on it.