Jan 27, 2019: Universe

I left work today, as I often do, with a few minutes spare for my bus.

And I left work today with a sort of mental to do list of things that weren’t life-threatening or particularly urgent but which needed to be done at some point. You know, things that just needed a bit of time – little bits of tinkering here and there, that sort of thing. The dull admin stuff that you don’t realise has to be done, like checking locks work properly, screws are tightened and things of that nature.

I decided that I didn’t have time to do it tonight, and that I would just head off for the bus. I was happy with that, knowing I had ample opportunity during the week to do bits and bobs between games.

So I left for the bus with a plan in my head. I knew what I’d be doing, and worked out when. It was all good.

I waited for the bus.

The bus didn’t come.

And I don’t know if you noticed or not, but it was pissing cold today. And with an hour to kill – okay, forty five minutes by the time I gave up on the bus I was waiting for – before the next one, there was no way I was standing outside any longer than I needed to.

A sane person would have gone to a coffee shop or something, and waited in the warm. Maybe with a beverage in hand. Others might have gone to McDonalds, working along the same lines, and wrapped themselves around a burger. Indeed, had there not been a divinely sexy bacon sandwich made in a hot cross bun in store at home, then I may have done that.

I chose to go back to work and do the things that I’d earmarked for next week. Because I’m a massive nerd. apparently.

I like to think that I didn’t miss the bus – or the bus didn’t miss, to be more accurate – the universe just realigned so that I wasn’t carrying anything over to Monday.

I’ve not done everything, though. There are bits carried over. One of them, involving a missing sheet of acetate has been carried over for weeks, in fact. It’s gone missing. It went missing in a room several weeks ago, and it has not shown its face since. And given the size of it, it’s unlikely that it would be taken home by accident.

It’s one of those “We need to move the furniture” things. Which couples nicely with the “Can we be arsed to move the furniture?” thing. We’ve replaced it and moved on, but it’s the fact that it’s out there somewhere that’s nagging at me. Because there’s always a chance that it will appear from somewhere, mid-game. It hasn’t yet. But it could just be biding its time. Like a big cat stalking its prey.

Luckily, the universe didn’t realign so two buses missed on me, otherwise I’d still be there, moving stuff and muttering.