Feb 14, 2019: Candle

Carole’s Zen yoga didn’t go so well last night. She did it upstairs in the bedroom and everything was too messy and cluttered and it knocked all her energies out of alignment or something. So basically she was grumpy as fuck when she woke up this morning.

Happy Valentines!

But she upped the zen this evening, returning to the living room with the lights off and some candles on to make pained noises at almost every move.

But, really, the stars of the show were the candles.

They were – are – brilliant.

While also not being in any way brilliant.

They are candles which Carole made at a class several months ago. Because she’s always wanted to make candles and now that’s her thing at the moment – we have a jar of wax in the kitchen which old dying candles are added to on a regular basis. It clearly has a destiny as another candle at some point… it’s just a matter of when.

But if it’s as good as these ones then we better have NASA on standby because they’ll be able to see the candle from space.

Okay, they won’t.

Carole lit her home-made candles today.

You have never seen a flame so small in all your life.

You couldn’t really imagine a Victorian accountant doing some book-keeping by the light of these candles.

They were like someone had lit a candle, and then taken it really, really far away. So you knew there was still a lit candle, you just didn’t get any of the benefits from it.

There were no playful shadows dancing across the walls, as the flame flickered. There was barely a flicker, in fact. I’m sure there was flickering, but it was on a microscopic level.

At the minute, I know both candles are out. But if I look at them, there is no discernible difference between the candles then and the candles now. So you know I’m going to have to check to see if they actually are out before I go to bed. Just in case they’re not.

Torches, for example, are measured in candles. We have a torch that’s 1000 candles in brightness. I don’t think these candles that Carole has made even register at one candle each in brightness. And they’re candles. If these candles had been under consideration during the measurement of light in candle power we’d have a very different rating system.

Or very dark torches.