Feb 17, 2019: Bread

Another week, another shopping order.

This one was quite a stripped down one, really. We have a lot of food that can be made into meals in cupboards and freezers, so it was just a matter of getting things like kitchen rolls and other kitchen essentials alongside some fresh stuff.

A nice, easy shop that couldn’t go wrong at all.

So obviously we didn’t get any bread.

I’d ordered bread so that we could have some lunch. Just a fresh loaf. Nothing fancy – well, it was Mediterranean bread so I guess it was a smidge fancy. But they didn’t have it. And you know what – there were NO suitable substitutes.

For bread.

In hindsight, ordering a fresh loaf for a Sunday delivery is probably taking a bit of a punt anyway. I suspect that they run a diminished bakery department on a Sunday, so anything out of the ordinary is chancing an arm or two but having said that, we’ve had a small bag of cranberries as a substitute for raisins, and celery instead of pak choi.

So why couldn’t we just have a different sort of bread in place of bread?

It’s not too much of a stretch, surely.

Just because we’d ordered what I think is bread with sun-dried tomatoes, it sent the whole thing into a spiral of disappointment. The computers won’t have been able to cope. The substitution algorithm will have just fractured. Whereas they could have just sent plain bread. White bread. Bloomer or loaf. And everything would have been fine.

Instead, we were forced – FORCED – to have toasted hot cross buns with bacon which is one of the nicest things you can possibly have. As those items were actually in stock and arrived. And because I can think quickly on my feet when it comes to not having to go out and find another source of bread.

Carole is upset with me because she would have, as she put it, had a word with the driver about it. I didn’t. I just accepted the fact that we were left bereft of the doughy stuff and carried on like normal. But Carole loves to chat to the drivers about how the eggs are always smashed or that it’s ridiculous they can’t substitute things properly.

I just want to get the stuff out of the baskets and into the house as quickly as possible.