Feb 22, 2019: Miss

Tonight was one of those nights where I’m out of work for the 9pm bus.

Sort of.

I mean, I hadn’t finished sorting out the room from the last game, and halfway through it I remembered that they’d taken a padlock apart so that needed checking and rebuilding before I could use it. And I’d let them play a little bit longer because they were at the last puzzle and it seemed like a nice thing to do – if only to stop the dad killing everyone else for not doing what he’d told them to.

And then they took a bit longer to finish than I thought they would and…

Well, basically, everything conspired against me so I left the room half-done and went for the bus.

I don’t know why I even bother.

The 9pm bus – bearing in mind they’re only one an hour – never comes. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve rushed out for it – sometimes because of being busy, others because I’ve been waiting at work and lost track of time – and it’s just not shown up. It’s a lot. It’s rivalling the bus I used to get home from Leeds after work, and that one was proper shit at turning up.

Usually, I’d shrug it off. I let Carole know so that’s not waiting for me by the door and printing off missing posters when I’m not home when I should be, but I don’t really expect her to come and get me. I don’t like asking for lifts. I like being self-sufficient. Although I do love lifts.

More often than not she’ll come for me. Tonight she’d snuggled into bed with her book of Obama’s letters and she got up for me. That’s love right there. She didn’t have to do that. But I love her for it. Every single time.

If it hadn’t been a Friday night I’d have happily set up shop in McDonalds, hopped on their WiFi and just waited for the bus. But Friday nights in Huddersfield… ugh, I’m too old for that shit. Waay too old. Or I’d have stayed in work and read my book for a bit, and listened to a Friday Night In Huddersfield as it passed by the window, getting annoyed with every bellend that rings the bell as they go past…

As it was, getting a lift afforded me the time to go back and finish off what I needed to do which, it turned out, took like two minutes so I probably could have done it and still made it to the bus stop in time for the bus not to come.

I’ve got to get the 9pm bus home tomorrow as well…

I’m not holding my breath.