Feb 23, 2019: Words

As I set off for work this morning, Carole was heading into her office/study to work on her essay about Chartism for her OU access course.

I was told, in no uncertain terms, that she would be putting her phone onto aeroplane mode while she wrote her essay, so that she could focus entirely on the essay and not be distracted by text messages from every man and their dog.

I’ll tell you what – you could really tell when she was on a study break.

It was like I was the most popular person on the planet. As though, during the few hours she’d been working, she’d built up all these things that needed to be said. Things that would normally have been spread across the time, but all of which needed to be suddenly released into the wild. Like turning on a tap.

I shouldn’t have been surprised, though. Because that’s Carole’s default setting. She wakes up and she has oodles of stuff that needs to be said, or a drive home in the car will afford her the time to build up a bit of a backlog. And it all comes pouring out when she gets home, unstoppable by breath, other people trying to speak or even food.

So obviously, when I’m not at home it’s going to come pouring out via text. Just a stream of consciousness. Some stuff about writing essays which I don’t know the answer to because I did chemistry and we had to write next to nothing on that course that didn’t involve a benzine ring!

The best bits, though, were her thoughts on a self help book. She lists many reasons why she doesn’t like it, all based around the fad diet nature of the piece and that if it’s not a chia seed it can’t be eaten. I think the clincher though, and what tipped her over the edge is the fact that chocolate was a big no-no.

And Carole cannot function without a Freddo in her system.

All I’d get would be a series of texts about really, really wanting a Freddo.