Feb 24, 2019: Bell

We have a couple of doorbells at work.

We originally had none, then we had one, and now we have two. When we had none, we’d wait downstairs by the door for an arriving team, braving all manner of Huddersfield’s weirdos. When we had one, it would occasionally not work and leave a team outside. And now we have two, obviously they both work.

I have inadvertently changed the tune of one of them so that it plays the bing-bong-bing-bong normally associated with the chiming of clocks. I’m not sure how I did it. I think it’s a button on the side, which must scroll through the chimes. But I like it. It’s longer and allows us more opportunity to hear it when we’re down the hallway – this particular one only rings in the kitchen, whereas bell two rings in the kitchen and in reception.

And it’s a nice little tune. It’s less boring that a standard bing bong. It has more life to it. More oomph.

I discovered this morning, though, that the two bells sound awful when activated simultaneously.

I can only imagine what the waveform of the resulting cacophony must look like, because the two waves that combine to make it do not mesh together well. Or at all. They just make a noise. An awful noise. There are things that you would say make an awful noise that make a better awful noise than this awful awful noise.

Honestly, it’s horrible. It’s like one of those noises that scientists have worked out makes you feel a certain way, or poo yourself, or turn your insides to jelly. But this one is a doorbell, so it makes you feel like you should answer the door while doing any of the aforementioned things.

And yet, weirdly, I’ve not changed it.

I forget about it until it happens. And then when it does happen, I need to go downstairs and collect the team. So I can’t stand and fiddle about with the different noises. Especially as I’m not sure entirely how I changed it in the first place.

Or what it sounded like before.

I don’t know how many options there are. And they’ll all need testing for sonic interference. And the door is all the way downstairs, where you can’t hear the bells when you ring them.

I’m hoping that I’ll accidentally change it again, if I can just recreate what I was doing when I accidentally did it the other day. Or maybe I should try to change the other one, and see if I can get them both bing-bong-bing-bonging together…

Or just hope that the first bell stops working again, randomly, and solves all my problems..