Mar 1, 2019: Microwave

I was pottering around the house this morning when I heard a very strange noise outside.

It was most similar, I would say, to the sound you might expect from a road roller being used to smooth off freshly laid tarmac. But there had been no activity of that sort in the street or if there had, none of the pot holes outside our house had been targeted, anyway.

It carried on for some time, and seemed to be getting louder.

Curiosity got the better of me. One of the fun things about working odd shifts and being home during the day most of the time is that you see things that you didn’t know went on when you had a normal 9 to 5 job. For example, sometimes a woman drives onto the street at lunch time, parks up and eats a sandwich before driving away. Or cars will drive very slowly around the street, with dodgy looking passengers staring at each house as they go past.

And then today, a strange man was walking a microwave.

He was with someone else, and they were clearly a group that likes to snaffle metal and the like from people’s gardens – a modern day rag and bone man but with none of the finesse or olde worlde charm of the predecessors. This was further reinforced as the van with caged back swung into the street to collect their wares.

The microwave was filthy, though, I can only imagine it had been sitting outside for quite some time. Or, from looking at it, possibly buried under other things and they’d just had a good old rootle through people’s stuff. I couldn’t understand why he was walking it, though. Why not just carry the bloody thing, rather than drag it along by its cord like a weird person who’s been peering in everyone’s gardens would do.

They seemed to be dragging for a long time… and I never saw them go past on the way into the street

And the fact that the police visited the street for quite a while tonight does make a person think…

Don’t mind me, I’m just checking the door’s locked.