Mar 2, 2019: Miss

I’ve turned missing the bus but not making it look like I even wanted the bus in the first place into a fine art.

Well, I’d like to think so anyway.

The bus is every ten minutes or so to town. I generally leave the house between buses, so that this situation doesn’t arise very often. But all it takes is a bus running late and suddenly I find myself heading towards the bus stop (but far enough away to not be at it) when a bus pulls up.

Some drivers know I want it, and will wait. I’m generally not bothered, though, as that isn’t the bus I went for in the first place so I’m happy to let it go. I’m not about to start running for it, anyway, that’s for sure.

But sometimes I get more or less level with the bus but on the wrong side of the road, as the doors close and it indicates to pull away. In these instances, I engage the thing that I think we all do where we act as if we never wanted the bus in the first place.

This morning I did that, and as the bus continued along its route I discovered that two other people who had been near me at the same time had also pulled that trick, just taken it to the extreme.

I just continued walking, accidentally making eye contact with the driver, until the bus had set off and gone round a corner so that no-one would be able to see me double back and wait at the stop for the next one.

A man who was on the opposite side of the road and so could have caught the bus if he’d motored a little walked on a couple of stops. Another woman walked a good way along the route before jumping on the bus. That’s dedication that is. I’ve once tried to walk to where the bus comes back onto the main road after doing a bit of a loop, but that’s about as far as I’ll go.

I mean, I only want to give the illusion of not wanting it, not commit to a charity walk as a means of establishing a back story.