Mar 5, 2019: Escape

In the now yearly tradition – unintentional, but just the way things have fallen – Carole’s birthday saw us tackling another escape room at Halifax’s Escaporium (the best thing in Halifax, hands down) before we stress-drove our way to Bradford to play surrender our souls and play Afterlife at X-It Games.

The Escaporium is always a pleasure to play, even more so now we’ve gotten to know the owners and, apparently, can provide great levels of entertainment and laughter to the people watching our game unfold.

Which was make all the more fun by the fact that the walls were quite thin and we could clearly hear the laughter through it as I swore in a variety of colourful and, I think, family friendly ways at a rotating maze that just didn’t do what I wanted it to do and drove me up the bloody wall.

And “oooo-ed” at a sarcastic hint to turn something the right way round to make it easier to read….

But we escaped. And that’s the main thing. And that was with Carole having a meltdown when she didn’t understand what we were supposed to be doing and no amount of me tyrying to explain it to her would bring her down to Earth. She was going to punch me. Repeatedly.

I did not like that.

Shipley’s Afterlife was another awesome room, and one that I had wanted to do for quite some time. Again it was another of those classic Jake-Carole scenarios where we missed a massively obvious thing for a while making us look like massive idiots (in this case it was an entire trapdoor) but we more than made up for it at the end with some excellent team work, communication and a real-world application of acquired video game skills.

We got out of both rooms – Halifax and Shipley – with about 57 minutes on the clock. We’re not breaking records, or setting records, or even threatening records. But we’re having fun while we do it and that’s the main thing about escape rooms that everyone seems to forget. It’s easy to get caught up on setting a good time or whatever, but they are there for you to have a fun time solving.

And I think we most definitely did.

And there aren’t many people who can say that they spent the afternoon of their birthday slapping a corpse to try and make its eyes pop out.

But Carole can.