Mar 7, 2019: Waffle

We had pancake day today. Continuing our long-standing tradition of not having pancakes on pancake day, we pushed the boat even further out by waiting a couple of nights before indulging in the flat food fiesta.

The thing with pancakes is you have them on pancake day – ours were pretty shonky this year, truth be told – and then you don’t have them again. But you always say that you should have them more because they’re nice. And that’s the thing about being an adult. You can have pancakes whenever the hell you want… it’s just we don’t seem to. We are trained, like Pavlov’s dogs, to only want them when the bell sounds, with the bell in question being when all the signs pop up in supermarkets and Jif lemons become more prevalent.

Our pancakes weren’t the best. For whatever reason they were sub-par.

But the redeeming part of the evening was busting out the waffle maker for its first run. And because it was the first run, we fully expected the waffles to be crap. And they weren’t. They were really nice. The could have been browner, sure, but they were golden and lovely and fluffy and very more-ish. They had lovely pockets that held syrup well.

Compared to the pancakes, they were a level above everything.

Unfortunately, by the time we got to them we’d filled up on sub-par pancakes, so didn’t have much room for waffling. Which is why there is a large amount of waffle batter in the fridge at the moment and why every meal tomorrow will be waffle-centred.

I think, speaking for myself at least, we should give up pancakes for lent. Not that we’d even have them anyway, because no-one does outside of that one Tuesday a year (or as close to it as you can get) and replace all of our batter-based food requirements with the waffling.

And waffles aren’t attached to any sort of religious nonsense about abstaining from things for a bit before Easter. Which makes them even better in my mind.

We should have waffles more often. I’m saying it here and now.

We probably won’t, though, for the same reasons we don’t have pancakes more often.

But it’s the thought that counts…