Mar 8, 2019: Women

International Women’s Day.

That one day of the year when men everywhere are put out and complain that there’s no International Men’s Day. There is. It’s in November. So shhh.

I got the bus home from work tonight, which is nothing special. I do that most nights. Although it was the 9pm bus and it did turn up, so maybe it was special.

A man got on the bus at the stop after I got on. He had a rucksack with him, and a bunch of flowers.

The man opposite him, who was drunk, said, “Oh what have you done?”

“Then what are the flowers for?”
“It’s International Women’s Day,” said the man, who was – judging from the accent – Polish (coming over here, buying our flowers etc).
“International Women’s Day, so I’ve bought these for my housemate.”
“Oh you have a lovely heart, you do. Doesn’t he have a lovely heart. Oh that’s really special my mate. Really special. That’s bloody good isn’t it?”
The guy was laughing at this, but the drunk guy continued.
“Really though, every day we should treat women like this. Every day. We shouldn’t just do it one day of the year. We should respect them all the time. If I had a lady, I’d want to do something like you’re doing my friend. I would. I’d want to do that. I think that’s lovely….”
He turned to the woman on the seat behind him.
“Don’t you think that’s lovely? That guy there has a proper good heart. I think it’s lovely. If I had a girl, I’d treat her right just like that…”

It really was quite a touching moment, really. A drunk man waxing poetical on the subject of respect men should have for women, and how this one act of spontaneous flower purchasing was the best thing he’d ever seen.

“Yeah, if I had a bird…”


Ruined it.