Mar 10, 2019: Alarm

Today was a rare full Sunday off work – any shifts today were covered by the “kids” so I got to enjoy a lie in, and as Carole was out doing pottery (I’ll be making space in the garden for her workshop shortly) a day of doing whatever I fancied.

As long as some of that involved the last coat of paint on the doorframe.

Carole got up at 7am, having to set off at stupid o’clock to make the rendezvous to head off to pottery. Her alarm, though, was set for later than that it turned out.

She got up. She went into the bathroom, turned on the shower, and shut the door.

Then her alarm started going off.

I lay there. She did not seem to be coming back to turn it off.

I huffed and puffed and rolled my eyes and scooched over to her side of the bed to find her phone. It’s usually under her pillow, so that any texts she receives can be absorbed directly into her brain space. Or it’s under the bed in the area an arm would naturally reach.


Any grasp I may have had on a lie in is faltering. The idea slipping through my fingers like well lubricated grains of sand in a frictionless environment. I’m wide awake now. There’s no two ways about it. I need to be awake because I’m having to hunt down a phone in a dark phone case in a dark room so that I can stop the bastard thing from playing its tune.

And all the while Carole is just enjoying her shower, oblivious to me stomping around muttering obscenities at anything in general, and at Peppa who has got into the bed and is currently enjoying my recently vacated warm spot.

I had a rare work-free Sunday. I was really looking forward to a lie in.