Mar 11, 2019: Bin

Today I got my old Italian mother head on and made a massive batch of pasta sauce. Practically a cauldron’s worth, in fact. There is a lot of it. We will not be left wanting when it comes to a method of dampening pasta, that is for sure.

There’s not a lot to it – carrots, celery, tinned chopped tomatoes, garlic and basil, with some bay leaves chucked in for good measure.

But we increase the quantities somewhat – there was just shy of 2kg of fresh veg to be chopped before anything could be done, for example. And then it’s just whack it all in a pan and leave it to cook for an hour or so.

I had one goal this morning. To get the sauce cooking before the dustmen came to empty the recycling bin, as I knew there would be eight empty tins of tomatoes to go in there, and nothing annoys me more than putting something out in the bin immediately after it has been emptied.

So I got it all going. Chopped things, sweated things, stirred things, and them poured things.

Eight tins of tomato, lovingly emptied, rinsed and taken out to the bin.

The bastard bin men had been.


Normally they don’t show until mid-afternoon, today they’d decided to rock up mid-morning and ruin everything. I assume that their route was a lot quicker today because it was really windy yesterday and they’re probably not responsible for collecting bins that have blown over, scattering their contents all over the place, so there will have been a reduced amount to empty… but even so.

It was genuinely gutting to see the bin, abandoned on the pavement in a way that only bin men are specially trained to do. A mixture of strategically placed and just dumped that sees it close to the property it’s supposed to be at but equally fully in the way if anyone were to park a car near to it.  You can’t just do that. You need to be trained.

As I tipped the cans in, I was cursing the fact that I’d missed them. Cursed the fact that I’d not even heard the bin lorry and then mainly cursing the fact that by putting the tins in the bin before I took it back round into the garden I was just making work for myself by making the bin infinitesimally heavier and therefore just the tiniest of smidges more unwieldy.

Which, incidentally, is entirely my excuse if next door happen to ask why I drove the bin entirely over the bike abandoned in the middle of the path and made not effort to move it.