Mar 19, 2019: Stripping

Another day, another door to strip.

This one, from the front room into the kitchen, should be easier. It’s only painted on one side. The paint doesn’t look too thick. It should be an absolute bloody doddle. Made even easier by the fact that I started stripping the door some time ago but stopped for some unknown reason – possibly the discussion about getting new doors vs stripping the old ones, otr possibly because we started using it as a test canvas for some of the paints.

Who knows?

Apparently I stopped, I’ve figure out, because it was an absolute shitbox of a door to strip. The last door, the paint would come off in lovely long strips. This one, not so much. Just bits. Hot, floaty flaky bits that get in your hair, on your clothes all over the place and, most excitingly, between your glasses and your eye. That one hurt.

I don’t know what paint had been used previously but it was horrendous.

Not to mention the fact that the door appears to have several small nail heads poking about above the surface which caught the scraper every time.

It was a nightmare.

And, to cap it all off, for some reason the smoke alarm kept going off. I have no idea why. I have stripped all sorts of things with a heat gun. Some of them in extremely close proximity to the smoke detector. But a door, that I am stripping in the kitchen, saw fit to set the detector off. Despite there being no smoke.

Oh and the house stinks of warm, stripped paint as well. Which is nice. And that’s despite having the windows open all day.

I think the first door we did has lulled us into as false sense of security. The others are just going to step up their games in increasingly frustrating ways. The bathroom door, for example, is already stripped. But was previously painted in some sort of terrible blue colour which although removed will probably inexplicably leak through any paint we put on it – but not right away, it’ll bide its time. Maybe a few months or years down the line, the tinge will start to set in…

… I’m willing to be the house will still smell of this door, even then.