Mar 24, 2019: Easy

We had a plan, all week, that (work permitting) Sunday would be a GSD day. Good old fashioned Get Shit Done. Stuff that needed to be sorted. Jobs. That sort of thing.

For example, there’s a leak under the sink that no-one can fathom out. It’s been my intention all week to look at it today. To empty out the cupboard and sit with a head torch on, trying to work out where water is coming from while running taps, pulling plugs, emptying the washer and all the other things that bring water to and from pipes in a bid to work out what the frig is happening.

In the end, though, that didn’t happen.

A lot of the GSD we had planned didn’t happen.

We did some cooking, Carole dyed her hair (spoiler alert) and we watched a hefty chunk of Dungeons and Dragons on Geek & Sundry. And Carole discovered a new girl crush for her collection.

And you know what?

It was magnificent.

It was just lovely. Just a nice chilled out day, hanging out together and taking it easy. It was bloody lovely. I have no regrets.

I think. I mean, I still have to look at the sink one day this week and I know that’s going to be a nightmare because this water is coming from somewhere, but nowhere is ever wet and it just makes no bloody sense to me whatsoever. But that’s a problem for another day. I think doing that today would have changed the tone of the day from one of chilled our relaxation to something where I’m screaming “what do you want from me?” at a sink and the universe in general.

And that sounds much more like something that I should do on, say, a Tuesday. You know – make bread, abuse a sink.

A classic weekday.