Mar 29, 2019: Stewed

I did the shopping order last night. I was, I think it’s fair to say, supremely smug that it was done in plenty of time and not something which – as is often the case – looms at me on a Friday morning and is greeted with a tirade of swearing that I should have done it before then.

So last week, when I had it ready on Wednesday (!) and this week I have been riding the smug train into Contentedville, calling at Organised Town and Making life Easy Parkway.

Except I dropped a bit of a bollock this week.

As we compiled a menu for the week and wrote out all the various bits and bobs that needed to be ordered, there was one element of it that I didn’t have to hand and would get the details of later.

Except I forgot that entirely.

It was only a chance mentioning by Carole that even reminded me of it, as she said she needed to make the stew tomorrow and one of the ingredients danced through my mind in a way which said, “You have ordered none of this stuff…”

So my previous smugness, because the Friday morning tirade but intensified to astronomical levels.

Because you can only amend your order up until 11pm on the day before delivery and then it’s too late. I assume this is so the highly trained supermarket elves can be unleashed at an ungodly hour to acquire your goods.

I had 17 minutes to do it in.

I did it with about 16 minutes to spare. But that’s not the point.

It’s the closest I’ve come to feeling like one of those people in a film that defuses a bomb with a second left on the clock. It was that kind of tension, but without having to wear a huge bulky suit.

Although if I hadn’t ordered the stuff for Carole’s gastronomic adventure (and her tea) then I suspect she actually would have exploded…