Mar 31, 2019: Clock

The clocks went forward last night which means a couple of things.

Firstly, if I am asked, I would have to say I went to bed after 2am last night because, you know, the whole 1am thing just vanished and I was just merrily killing things with swords. I mean, to look at it another way, I went to bed after 2am and gained absolutely nothing, games-wise, for that “hour”

And secondly, Carole is going round saying “so it’s really only…” every time she looks at a clock. So really, when she tuts at me for what time I went to bed, I can say “Well, actually…” Although I suspect when I bust out the “real time” argument it won’t be given the time of day.

She does this every single time the clocks change. We have about a week of it, where she’s convincing herself that she’s tired or wide awake because the clocks have changed. I dread to think what she’d be like with jetlag, as sometimes the calculations for just an hour different are way off the charts.

I, on the other hand, am just loving working in a job where no-one comments on either the nights getting lighter or drawing in, depending on the time of year. We can just adjust clocks and everything’s fine and dandy. No comments. No nothing. We just don’t put the lights on as much. That’s the only way it affects us. You don’t realise how many people say it until you find yourself in an environment when people just don’t even comment on the seasonal changes. It’s awesome. I love it. I’d say that other than the people watching, frequent hilarity, randomness, and general good times that the whole clocks thing not being mentioned is right up there as a perk of the job!

And speaking of perks, there’s every chance that the clock in the car is correct again now.

Unless I changed it sometime in the past few months, which I don’t remember doing but knowing me I probably have done…

If I have changed it then, dammit. Roll on October.