Apr 4, 2019: Fiddle

Our new boiler is monitored remotely by British Gas. It has some sort of smart doohicky on it, so that if it breaks in any way, shape or form they will already know and when the engineer comes out he can bring the right stuff with him.

If anyone was looking at it today, other than whatever background computer system monitors all the boilers of Britain, they would have seen it being messed with almost constantly.

Because when you get a new toy you have to fiddle with it.

A lot.

The day started off with a fail, though. As we’d painstakingly programmed the heating to come on in the morning. And it didn’t. Which was a bummer because we thought we had it all worked out. But it’s not the end of the world when you can flick the heating on from your phone.

Although it should be. Because that is lethal. I imagine, over time, we’re going to gather a few more smart things in and around the house. And controlling them from a horizontal duvet-covered position is both amazing and worrying. Part of the whole reason I get up in a morning is to turn off all the lights that Carole has left on (even when she doesn’t even need to put a light on). If I can do that from bed then what even is my purpose? I can have super-long lie-ins.

And emerge into a toasty warm house.

It’s lethal.

Then Carole was at work and wanting to check she could turn it on from there. So she did that.

In classic Carole fashion, though, she didn’t then see if she could turn it off. Because she’s not a turn-it-off kind of girl, as seen from the lights and/or the hot tap in the kitchen.

Then I’ve turned it on and off a few times during the day. You know, experimentally. Messing around with different temperatures and things to see what happens. It’s all very exciting.

I’m looking forward to this freakish cold snap we’re supposed to be getting. It’s going to be amazing.

Unless the snow somehow takes out the wifi… and then we have to do everything by hand.

It doesn’t even bear thinking about.

One thought on “Apr 4, 2019: Fiddle

  1. We’d considered getting the remote access setup for our boiler, but it’s permanently off from mid-April until September, and then thereafter the timing is practically spot-on, unless we end up with a cold snap and have to override it. I didn’t realise they could check the health of the system though, which is definitely something we could do with – despite the landlord replacing the boiler a few years ago, it’s still a very dodgy installation and we lose pressure every now and again.

    You got yourself any of the Philips Hue stuff? Damn, man, that gear is fantastic. As we’re driving down the road at night, you’ll suddenly see our lounge, hall, kitchen, and conservatory lights come on whenever we get within a certain distance. They also react with the PC when I’m gaming, so in intense areas the room will go red, and if I ‘inadvertantly’ walk through fire while trying to liberate Washington DC, the room will flicker with reds and oranges. Clever stuff. Also great that the kids can tell Echo to put the lights on in the hall before the even leave a room so there’s always light there for them.

    I love automation!

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