Apr 7, 2019: Mouse

I’ve been trying to come up with a puzzle for a prospective new escape room, and wanted it to be based around a chess board and mazes and things of that nature.

And then I sat, while the boiler guy was here the other day, and tried to sketch it out and I just can’t visualise what I need where or how.

So cue a trip to my mum’s loft in search of my old chess set, lid squashed in by my sister’s arse all those years ago, so that I can set the board out and interact with it in 3D.

So I was up in the loft in front of a wall of shelves which are filled with jigsaws and obscure board games we picked up at jumble sales when we were little (there’s one, which I was in two minds whether to snaffle or not) which involves dragons and drawbridges on a moving board, for example. Never, ever seen another like it. And I was hunting high and low for the chess board.

And where is it?

Oh it’s just past the triggered mouse trap with the long dead mouse in it, as it happens. Thanks for asking.

There are a number of mouse traps in the loft at my mum’s. There was an epidemic of mice (brought about by a neighbour’s chicken coop bringing in the rodents) finding their way into the roof space before my dad died, so traps have been placed strategically around the entire loft. So you have to look where you put your feet when you’re moving around. These aren’t the comedic mouse traps of stage and screen. These are killer plastic fuckers that scare the living shit out of you when you’re just loading them up with peanut butter, let along when you’re a mouse. They have a habit of springing shut on you. And they’re violent.

Anyway, this one had a mouse in.

There’s not been a mouse in the loft for quite some time, so who knows where this rogue interloper had come from. No other traps had been triggered. Just this one.

I had to peel the mouse off the wooden boards of the loft floor. I don’t know if you’ve ever peeled a mouse off a wooden floor before, but it makes a sound similar to Velcro.

And that’s something I didn’t know before today.

I don’t know how that makes me feel. Whether I lived my best life before I knew that, or whether everything from that moment on is the good stuff…