Apr 12, 2019: Luggage

I got to play out with work today, which was really good fun and a nice change of scenery.

Normally, when – if – we play out, it’s just us going to another escape room to play it and see what it’s like but today it was actually to run some mobile escape room experiences which was a completely new thing for us.

We were at the University of Hudderfield, as part of their Campus Connect programme which is, essentially, a day of activities for the staff to take part in all labelled up with suitably buzzword-y names like Inspiration and Innovation.

We were Inspiration, somehow. I don’t know how. But that’s the category we fell into.

So we took along our mobile escape games which revolve around a time traveller’s lost luggage and a quest to find where and/or when he is. And then to chuckle at the fact that he’s dressed like Marty McFly in the video. Because, you know, nerd stuff.

We had three sessions and they all went alright. The first one was a bit hit and miss and we encountered a grumpy team who found cause to object to EVERY SINGLE THING in some way, shape or form – complaining you needed good eyes, hands or chuff knows what else.

But there’s always one, isn’t there.

Everyone else was lovely.

I particularly liked the one woman who thought I should be on a quiz team because I knew how the riddles worked. I had literally played the box a few days ago. And had all the answers in my pocket. But yeah, clever. That’s me.

But the nicest bit of the whole thing was putting faces to all the names that Carole spews forth when she tells me stories of work. I have met pretty much everyone from her office now, purely through that couple of hours of nonsense this morning. And been dragged into explaining my part in a dark episode in Carole’s history (of this week) referred to purely as “The Caramac Incident” by her line manager, who I had barely been introduced to at that point!

I really bloody enjoyed today. For someone who doesn’t like people all that much, or unfamiliar surroundings, or unknown quantities in generally I think I bloody smashed it.

Go me.