Apr 13, 2019: Curious

There’s a house a little bit down the road that’s almost certainly empty, despite looking like a bomb has hit the front garden.

The detritus of last year’s hot summer lies, festering, on the front lawn. A deflated paddling pool containing green, stagnant water attracts flies in the spring heat. A barbeque lies abandoned.

And, tantalisingly, there’s a letter stuck to the door that proclaims something.

But it’s too far from the pavement to be able to read it.

I really want to read it.

But I don’t just want to stroll down the path to the door in the height of the daylight hours, letting the neighbours gossip about how nosey we are whilst simultaneously being nosey themselves in watching me being nosey.

We need to go under cover of darkness. Or cover of early morning.

I need to know. My curiosity is definitely piqued.

A letter stuck to a door is, usually, only one thing. It’s usually a thing saying that the people who used to occupy the premises are no longer welcome and that any attempt to access the property will result in some sort of legal action. I mean, no one ever sticks a letter to a door that says “Hey, everything’s cool…”

I really want to know.

I mean this is the house that, not long after they moved in, had their car set on fire in front of their house filling the street with noxiousness, causing the horn to sound for about forty five minutes and, most alarmingly judging by the Huddersfield Examiner’s reporting, melted a wheelie bin.

The same car fire also prompted our OCD neighbour to kick off because nothing had been done about the melted and burnt wreckage and she was not happy about it.

You know that they have not left that house on civil terms. I image they have been ejected from the house. I suspect there were numerous illegal dealings taking place anyway, as cars would park more up our end of the street and suspicious individuals would emerge, run down the road and then reappear shortly there-after. The sort of speedy transaction we would witness during that phase where our shitty neighbours were selling drugs and everyone would come to our house thinking we were them.

I need to know what’s what.

It’s fairly dark now. I could go for a meander.

But Carole’s going for a run early tomorrow morning. She could have a look then.

We need to know, though.

The curiosity is strong in this house…