Apr 16, 2019: Brum

I’ve discovered a new love during evening shifts. Something that is becoming more prevalent, it appears, as the nights lighten.

The late night boy racers, in their souped-up-mis-firing-because-it’s-cool cars who drive round and round town, all night, presumably hoping to impress someone. There’s a subset of these that have expensive-and-not-misfiring-cars that also drive around. Both sets of cars, though, rev at a volume which is not necessary. For anyone.

The best part of this, I think, is that their chosen track – Huddersfield town centre – is awash with traffic lights. So you get incredible revving and the burst of speed as a light turns green – look at them go, they are SO COOL, I wish I could be them or with them depending on the onlooker – and then 100 yards or so further on, they reach a set of traffic lights. Where they stop.

Some rev repeatedly at the lights. They are the massive douches. Others just wait, ready to surge forward like they’re Marty McFly and they’ve just been called a chicken. Either way, they’re stopped again in another 100 yards because, you know, lights.

And then they drive round and round and round. All night.

Am I missing something? I mean, clearly I am because I can think of nothing worse than just driving round the town centre in speedy one-second bursts. But what are they actually hoping to achieve?

Whatever it is, it can’t be that successful if you’re still driving around a couple of hours later, on the same streets.

I can’t wait until the full evening sun of summer brings them all out in droves, racing each other. Trying to outdo each other for loudest engine, most unnecessary misfiring noises or quickest burst of speed between traffic lights.

Every now and again, you see a car used in this way on YouTube just catching fire. I have my fingers crossed, I’ll be honest.

Although where they tend to drive – and potentially combust – would have a direct impact on my bus route home…

But still… It’s be worth it, I think.