Apr 17, 2019: Light

Carole, bless her cotton socks, is going out of her way to show that we need a second magically remote-controlled plug in the bedroom.

We already have one, all nicely set up, which controls the electric blanket and, yes, that should become redundant fairly soon but Carole is a big lover of a warm bed so we’ll probably have to keep the plug there, just in case.

But ever since Upstairs Alexa has moved in, Carole has been drifting off to sleep much more easily it would appear. Wafted off into dreamland by a cosy warm bed, a good book and some background music for a fixed period of time.

So for the past two nights she’s fallen asleep with the fairy lights on. The fairy lights which I put on the bed head on a whim, years ago, and have proved popular enough to put some in the kitchen to light up the worktops and in the back bedroom as well.

Unfortunately, when Carole falls asleep with them on, I have to turn them off. And they’re an absolute arse to get at. Especially since she’s introduced a little basket thing into the mix as a bed-side (or, technically, behind) table type affair.

Now I have to reach through that to get at the plugs.

One wrong move and the metal basket thing bags against the metal bedframe, causing it to ring out like I’ve struck a bell with a hammer. As I discovered last night.

Not that it seems to wake her up. Since she’s all earplugged up nowadays to try and avoid my slight snoring, she can’t hear a bloody thing. But then, she did sleep that earthquake that one time. And part of a car fire. And countless other things. So she is immune to most noise. Just not the passing of air through my nostrils.

So, yeah, I’m considering another plug, just so I can plunge the bedroom into darkness without bringing out my inner bell-ringer. It does seem like a high price to pay, but the ability to plunge her into darkness when she least expects it…

… tempting.