Apr 21, 2019: Sprung

Easter Sunday. A day to binge on chocolate until you feel ill and couldn’t possibly move, even if you had to.

Or, in our case, a day to clamp down on allergies and spend the day removing every trace of dust we could find from the bedroom.

Although my favourite moment, I think, came when we moved the bed and sorted through the stuff under it, working out what we actually needed and what had been stored under there on an off-chance of it being useful. And there, slap-bang in the middle of it was some old cat sick.

Which was nice.

But, and this may be a life hack, it turns out dried cat sick is 10000% easier to clean up that freshly laid, ohmigod I trod in it, cat sick. It just peels off. And it answers any questions you may have had about how the person who invented chipboard actually did invent chipboard. Because, essentially, it’s like chipboard.

But yeah, that was a treat to find. Nestled amongst our most treasured (apparently, although forgotten) possessions stored under the bed.

I will admit that I spent a portion of this morning, while I was solo tidying as Carole was out delivering eggs, just sorting out wires that annoyed me. I was tidying up. I definitely was doing that, for sure. But it was more an aesthetic moment than a spring clean. Like, why does that wire go under that one, but over that? Why would anyone do that? Whoever put this in is animal.

Whilst knowing, at the same time, that the animal in question was me.

But everything’s beautifully spring cleaned now. In one room, at least. And hopefully, aside from all the pollen and the dust we’ve stirred up in moving things around, it will be less sneezy overall. Which is good because Carole is really suffering allergy-wise at the moment – which is mostly down to the weather being so nice, but it’s good to tackle everything and try and stop her looking like a water-eyed, red-nosed monster.

Although we are yet to solve the mystery of the bookcase.

We took some books off it – the Harry Potters, as it happens – and brought them downstairs to go on the HP shelf (yeah, that’s a thing). That should have freed up a fair chunk of space. We removed all the other books and moved the bookcase to a different part of the room.

We put the books back on.

They barely fit.

What. The. Fudge?