Apr 22, 2019: Smoke

Making the most of the delightfully warm and sunny weather, I got up this morning and threw one of our pillows in the wash so that it could be out on the line and dried before tonight.

Just one pillow, mind, so that if it wasn’t dry we could swap in one from the spare bed and everything would be hunky-dory. It was, in a way, like a precisely planned military operation which, luckily, went seamlessly.

Although at one point this morning, after the pillow was out, I looked out of the window and was quite alarmed to see the sky looking rather dark. And then trying to fit that into established narratives about the nice weather today and there being no chance of rain or, judging from the blackness of the clouds, a fricking awesome storm of epic proportions.

It turned out a warehouse down the road from us was on fire – or something warehouse adjacent – and it was throwing up a lot of thick, black smoke. Hopefully none of which has been absorbed into the pillow.

It was a pretty impressive looking smoke plume as well. Like a really good, thick, light-obscuring one. Hopefully a really good, thick, light obscuring non-toxic one. I’m just thinking of the pillow. And our lungs. But mainly the pillow.

It was the classic, “Bloody typical, a lovely sunny day and someone has to burn something…” kind of feeling.

And, of course, we went out for a quick drive to ascertain where it was coming from because, due to a quirk of road layouts not being what you think there are, the direction the back of our house faces isn’t the direction you think the back of our house faces. Which is something we learnt today as we were both miles off with our guestimates of what was actually aflame.

What was quite entertaining – in a not very entertaining but a snapshot of human nature way – was the large number of people who were doing exactly the same as us. Just going for a little drive down the road for a nosey and they heading back. Not to mention the countless people who had pulled off in various entrances to water treatment works to have a good watch of the whole thing.

I mean, you couldn’t see that much. We only went out to get an idea of where it was. There’s not a lot to just watching a fire being put out (unless you’re 24 hour rolling news filming cathedrals burning down) – especially when there aren’t even any visible flames.