Apr 28, 2019: Avengers

Got around to seeing Endgame. It’s been quite a while since I waited outside a cinema for it to open before I film. I kind of enjoyed it, I’m not going to lie.

The film though.

Loved it. Cried. Laughed. Cried again. Smiled. Cheered. Grinned. Cried. Smiled again.

The rest of this post is filled with spoilers because, you know, how can I discuss it without spoiling everything.

Nah, the rest of this post is just this. Because it’s late. Because it’s been a long day (more on that tomorrow) and I want to say no more on Endgame other than my range of emotions up there. Because I’ve probably not drunk enough today and my head aches a little. And just because no more needs to be said. Endgame is everything I wanted and more.

Onto the next phase…