Apr 30, 2019: Shed

I finally got around to addressing the issue of the shed this afternoon, buoyed by the fact that the Wi-Fi signal reaches into the shed perfectly so that I could tidy whilst accompanied by the sounds of Johnny and Aoife swearing at things as they played through Dark Souls.

There’s a lot of crap in our shed. And a lot of stuff that is just abandoned, in a way. Handed over to the shed fairies for them to work their magic and make it disappear.

My personal favourite thing was the hanging basket which had clearly been put in there full of soil and had, at some point, fallen soil-side down (as is always the case with these things) perfectly onto the lid of a bucket of chicken shit pellets. So that when I moved the basket, I was left with a perfectly basket-shaped mound of soil atop a bucket.

And, of course, the most concerning part was the large amount of feathers towards the back of the shed. I don’t know what had gone on in there, nor do I want to know, but it must have been quite frantic. There were no immediately obvious denuded bird remains, though.

My fun came, thought, in assembling a set of new shelves which are to replace all the various hotch-potch things that hold bits and bobs of stuff (but nothing hugely useful). Shelves which purported to be a certain height. A height which I was confident would fit in the shed.

Only bloody just.

I think, though, part of that is because the shed is a death trap that is slowly folding in on itself, so one side of the roof is considerably lower than the other. And the walls have a definitely slant to them. All things I noticed as I swore my way to building these shelves, accompanied by a string of Irish-tinged swearing from my Kindle.

I will admit, though, it looks good now it’s done. I mean, it’s only shelves and the shed is still rammed to capacity because no sorting has really been done yet. But it does look good. And it’s an intention, at the very least. It’s showing willing. It’s a step in the right direction.

It’s also, potentially, going to be the only thing holding the shed up at some point. So there’s that as well.