May 1, 2019: Case

Carole had a cull recently which, much like a finger snap from Thanos, wiped out a decent portion of our bedding. When I last changed the bed, in fact, we didn’t have enough pillow cases because she’d got rid of all the ones she didn’t like. Which, it turns out, was almost all of them apart from an odd couple in the blanket box and what was on the bed.

So we bought new pillowcases and no expense was spared. Well, some expense was spared, because they came from TK Maxx so we know that if we like them we will never, ever, ever be able to get them again. But we might be able to get a vase. Or a print of something. Or some scissors shaped like a crocodile. Something no-one wants, but someone will buy, basically.

And they feel delightful, these cases. They have a nice high thread count. They feel like the sort of thing you want to rest your head on after a busy day.

I changed the bed today, excited to be putting the new cases on and enjoying that feeling of clean and new bedding as I slide into bed later tonight.

And I discover that Carole has already been using one of them.

Me, I’ve been sleeping on pillow cases which came from an outlet store. Pillow cases that have been made so wrongly that someone should question how the manufacturing process could mess them up so badly. One of the ones we got in the pack was the length of two pillows.

That’s the sort of crap I’m sleeping on.

And Carole is sleeping with her head on luxurious cotton. Naturally cool. Smooth. Just a delight to touch.

I have something made out of the shaved fur of a muppet that doesn’t even hold the pillow in as I sleep.

I intended to get my revenge today, by finding the worst of the remaining pillow cases for my beloved to sleep with. But she’s upped her pillow game, insisting on three pillows for reading, downgraded to two for sleeping. So I had to use one of the new ones because, as I have mentioned, she’s got rid of all the others.

She’s a crafty one.

I won’t let this injustice stand, though….