May 5, 2019: Film

Since I was a youngster, one of the things I have absolutely loved – and I mean really loved – are terrible films. Now, when I say terrible films I don’t mean films that set out to be terrible – like, say, Sharknado, which is a homage to the monster movies of old.

I mean the monster movies of old. The terrible sci-fi. That sort of thing. As such, when I was at Uni and we got cable and the world of multiple channels opened up to me, one of my favourite things was Mystery Science Theatre 3000. MST3K, as it’s affectionately know, takes a terrible film and has an audience (a man stranded in space and some robots) watching along and passing comment on the action on screen.

It’s everything I could have wanted. It’s a brilliant thing. It’s a joy to watch. Because most of what they say is what you say in your head, or to anyone who happens to be near you while you watch “It Came From Beneath The Sea” or whatever.

MST3K lives on on Netflix, which is brilliant.

But yesterday I fell into an internet blackhole from which there is no coming back.

I hang around on Twitch a fair bit, watching game footage and things like that. But yesterday I dabbled in the suggested channels list. And in there, among some people that I wouldn’t watch for love nor money was the channel RiffTrax.

Which is basically a channel showing crappy movies – of all kinds, which is awesome – with the old cast/creators of MST3K providing a commentary.

It’s my new jam.

Screw gaming videos.

Bad movies and hilarious commentary ahoy. I don’t know what half the films are, but they are absolutely things I would watch if I happened to find them on a channel.

Last night it was a battle between tiredness taking me to bed and the absurdity of Dennis Quaid in Dreamscape.

Bed won. I have no idea how Dreamscape ends. I’m going to wait until it’s shown on Twitch again. They have a website, with the films on. But, I fear, that way the life of an internet film watching hermit lies.

I mean, it’s only been 24 hours and I’m watching some dross with Billy Ray Cyrus in it as I type this…