May 10, 2019: Hat

I’ve never really been a fan of Danny Baker.

Even way back when I never used to find him particularly clever or amusing. He was always one of those people who assumed themselves to be the funniest, or the most interesting or whatever, by virtue of the fact that he was the loudest.

So when he got sacked yesterday for his “allegedly” racist tweet about the new Royal baby leaving the hospital – two humans escorting a small monkey from a building – it was all I could do not to chuckle.

And it’s still a chuckle now, as he seems to have spent the last 24-hours coming up with more and more outlandish reasons as to why he didn’t know what he was doing could be construed as a teensy bit racist. My favourite, of yesterday, is that it’s because he didn’t have a diseased mind and so could see no harm in a funny picture.

I mean, this is Danny Baker. Who speaks out on all sorts of shite, all the time, whenever he gets a chance. And now he claims to not know how the world works.

But all of that is as of nothing to the greatest question we are faced with in the midst of this news story.

Why is he answering the door looking like he’s halfway through a cos-play as Uncle Bulgaria off of the Wombles.

What’s going on with the hat? I mean, honestly. It’s like he’s got up and said, “I will remove the smoking jacket in case they take pictures, but I will not be removing the hat…”