May 12, 2019: Pressure

The shed is finally sorted out.

It’s like some sort of Christmas miracle.

In a move designed to get Carole to chill out a little after her OU coursework, and pressures of work, started to weigh down on her we’ve had a day of just chilled pottering, doing and playing. Just things away from the rigors of work life.

And it’s been lovely.

But more importantly, we’ve finally cleared all the crap out of the shed.

I won’t lie, but I have enjoyed smashing up shelving units that I have been moving round for years. And enjoyed it even more as I went at one of the shelves with a hammer only to find that it had in fact been screwed together and I could have just unscrewed it all. I just didn’t know that because the screw covers had been painted over and were firing off the shelving units like bullets with ever smash of the hammer.

But everything’s broken up and off to the tip.

The shed is just a leaning death trap with the bare essentials now and not a gazillion collections of nothing in particular.

It’s genuinely a relief.

And while I was releasing any pent up tension, Carole was just chilling with a bit of weeding. Well, the Director’s Commentary version of weeding, where everything she did was announced as she did it. But hey, today was her day. It was about stopping her becoming a complete fruit loop around the subject of referencing in essays. Something which, only a couple of hours before, looking like it was well on the way to happening.

It’s funny – I’m much better at managing Carole’s mental health – by which I mean stopping her going mental – than I am at my own…

Those who can’t, and all that…