May 13, 2019: Years

I had a thought last night, just as I was going to bed, and I literally couldn’t get to sleep for ages because I was thinking about it. And it still haunts me now.

The rest of this post probably contains minor spoilers for Endgame. So if you’ve not seen it stop reading. And if you have seen it, carry on reading and roll your eyes at me all you want because I’ve missed a salient point somewhere along the line.

So, the main bulk of Endgame takes place five years after the snap. We know that. It says it in big slowly forming letters to signify the passing of time. Things have changed. Cassie Lang is older, Tony Stark has a family with Pepper and, of course, Black Widow’s hair is a different colour because Black Widow.

Five years.

And then they do the thing with the thing and the other thing and stuff happens and they make a snap and usher everyone back into existence. With the caveat that they can’t change anything that has happened in the interim – it’s important to Tony, he doesn’t want to lose his daughter. So that happens as is confirmed at the end because Cassie is still older, Tony’s daughter is still alive. It’s all good.

Are we still five years down the line at this point?

This is where I get confused.

Because Peter Parker just goes back to school. And everyone’s still there. Same age and everything. If anything, everyone should be five years older and Pete has to make a load of new friends like he’s been held back a bit.

Have I missed a bit of explanation. Is it because Thanos’ snap never happens by virtue of the fact Thanos travels to the future to attack everyone there and so doesn’t do it in the past? But then if that’s the case, Pete comes back and says that it’s been five years and…

Anyway, basically I couldn’t get to sleep because I couldn’t get my head round the Peter Parker going back to school thing. Not to mention how immediately after undusting, the school just plans a trip to Europe.

I know it’s probably to do with the timey-wimey, spacey-wacey stuff and it probably all does make sense and I just missed one vital line of dialogue that my brain is now struggling to cope without.

I mean, the other thing is, I’m also not bothered. I am bothered, but I’m not. I’m not bothered to the point where I’d start watching and/or making those YouTube videos about things you missed in Endgame or, one I saw “fifteen jokes that went over your head in Endgame” because yes, I’m a nerd. But I want to be a nerd that is liked and not one who is so anal about all those things.

And yes, it kept me awake last night. But I know that when I sit in the cinema to watch Far From Home all that will just vanish and I’ll be a happy viewer again, just like I was at the end of Endgame when Pete meandered back into school and saw his friend again.

But still though… five years…