May 17, 2019: Sand

The last time we saw Showstopper! was, I think, at the Fringe. An emotional story about ageing, lost love and memories that hit you in the feels and just kept on twisting until everyone was a gibbering wreck and too emotionally exhausted to carry on.

Last night, however, it was archaeologists digging up what amounted to a sexy cat in the deserts of Egypt.

I do love me some Showstopper! despite having no passion, at all, for musical theatre. People shout out musical styles and I really don’t know what’s what, or what it should sound like.

But you don’t need to know that to enjoy it. You don’t need to be the guy who was desperate for them to feature Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Stephen Ward from 2013, that ran for four months. You don’t need to be that guy. That guy was there last night. And he pre-tweeted the ‘stoppers before the show begging them to include it.

I reckon, aside from him, no-one else in the audience really knew what the musical style should have been. But as he nearly dislocated his shoulder thrusting his hand into the sky to make his suggestion known, it seemed only fitting.

It was also a nice change to see a different gaggle of ‘stoppers on stage as well. Aside from Adam and the brilliant Mr Pellow there were mainly ones that we’ve not normally seen in the rotation. We normally see the majority of the original team whenever we end up seeing them.

And it was a great show, that meandered off a bit in places but came to an end with a dramatic duel, proclamations of love, tiny sarcophagi and the empowerment of women.

What more could you want from an hour and half of improvised musical shenanigans?